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Regulation Prohibiting Manufacture, Import, Sale And Use Of Non-Degradable Plastic Bags And Other Plastic Products

Pakistan Environmental Protection Agency (Pak-EPA), with the approval of the Ministry of Climate Change and after obtaining consent of the Law and Justice Division, notified a Regulation prohibiting manufacture, import, sale and use of non-degradable plastic bags and other plastic products in the limits of Islamabad Capital Territory, effective from April.

2. This landmark step taken by the Ministry of Climate Change will have long term benifits to control spread of waste plastic bags and enable exporters to comply with the environment-friendly packaging demanded in the international market. Many countries in Asia, Europe and America have successfully controlled plastic waste by introducing oxo-biodegradable plastic technology. The technology is simple which neither needs alteration in machinery nor in the process. A small quantity of olefin based additive (1-3%) is mixed with the raw material (granules) to develop biodegradable properties in plastic. Plastic bags made with this technology if left in open air or water absorb oxygen


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Impact Of Particulate Air Pollution On Respiratory Health Of School Children

The project entitled “Impact Of Particulate Air Pollution On Respiratory Health Of School Children” was funded UNEP RRC.AP. The project is being carried out by Pakistan Environmental Agency. The details of the activities are given below.
In the first two weeks a liaison was made between three institutes i.e. Pakistan Environmental Agency (Pak-EPA), Pakistan Medical Research Council and Directorate of Education Islamabad. Teams from all three organizations were finalized comprising of Environmentalists (Pak-EPA), medical professionals (PMRC) and participating teachers (Directorate of Education). A meeting was held between the members of all three group in which a detailed discussion was made about the need and importance of the study. In this meeting selection of schools was also made which include two schools of lower strata (male and female) and one of upper strata. The tasks and activities of each team were defined. The distribution of budget was also finalized as per need and requirements of the project.


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