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Acts, Ordinances, Rules and Regulations

bullet Pakistan Environmental Protection Act, 1997 - Brief (PDF -90KB)
bullet Pakistan Environmental Protection Act, 1997 - Full Text (PDF - 59.7KB)
bulletNational Environmental Quality Standards (Self-Monitoring and Reporting by Industries) Rules, 2001 (PDF - 18.9KB)
bulletSelf-Monitoring and Reporting by Industries Rules, 2001-Amended (PDF - 200KB)
bulletNational Environmental Quality Standards (Environmental Laboratories Certification) Regulations, 2000 (PDF - 35.1KB)
bulletNational Environmental Quality Standards

S.R.O. 549 (I)/2000 (PDF-115 KB)

bulletS.R.O. 742 (I)/93 & S.R.O. 1023 (I)/95 (PDF-120 KB)
bulletS. R.O. 1062(I)/2010 &  S.R.O. 1063(I)/2010 & S.R.O. 1064(I)/2010 (NEQS for Ambient Air, Drinking Water and Noise)
bulletS.R.O 72(KE)/2009 (NEQS for Motor Vehicle Exhaust and Noise)
bullet Environmental Samples Rules, 2001 (PDF - 30.7KB)
bullet Provincial Sustainable Development Fund Board (Procedure) Rules, 2001 (PDF - 13.2KB)
bullet The Pollution Charge for Industry (Calculation and Collection) Rules, 2001 (PDF - 41.5KB)
bullet Environmental Tribunal rules, 1999 (PDF - 24.6KB)
bullet Pakistan Environmental Protection Agency (Review of IEE/EIA) Regulations, 2000 (PDF - 43KB)
bulletProvincial Sustainable Development Fund (Utilization) Rules, 2003 (PDF-131KB)
bulletHazardous Substances Rules, 2003 (Draft) (PDF-149KB)

Project Implementation And Resettlement Of Affected Persons Ordinance 2001 (Draft)(PDF-635KB)


Hospital Waste Management Rules, 2005. (PDF-104KB)

bulletNational Biosafety

Biosafety brochure


Pakistan Biosafety Rules 2005 (PDF-105KB)

bulletNational Biosafety Guidelines (PDF-668KB)
bulletPerforma for Movement of Regulated Materials (PDF-250KB)
bullet Guidelines for Disposal of CFLs Light Bulbs
bullet Regulation Prohibiting Manufacture, Import, Sale And Use Of Non-Degradable Plastic Bags And Other Plastic Products (PDF-205KB)

Policies & Strategies


National Drinking Water Policy (PDF-145)


National Environment Policy (PDF-190KB)


National Resettlement Policy March,2002 (Draft) (PDF-236KB)


Clean Development Mechanism (CDM), National Operational Strategy (PDF-185KB)


National Sanitation Policy (PDF-188KB)




Pakistan Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) Procedures

bulletEIA Guidelines & Overview (PDF-76 KB)
bulletEIA Graphics Overview (PDF-148 KB)
bulletFront Sheet (PDF-45 KB)
bulletPolicies & Procedures for review & approval (PDF-206 KB)
bulletGuidelines for preparation and review of Environmental Report (PDF-393 KB)
bulletGuidelines for Public Consultation (PDF-209 KB)
bulletGuidelines for Sensitive & Critical Areas (PDF-312 KB)
bulletPakistan Environmental Legislation & Environmental Quality Standards (PDF-110 KB)
bulletSectorial guidelines for Environmental Reports, Major thermal Power Stations (PDF-213 KB)
bulletSectorial guidelines for Environmental Reports, Major Chemical & Manufacturing Plants (PDF-222 KB)
bulletSectorial guidelines for Environmental Reports, Housing States & New Town Development. (PDF-199 KB)
bulletSectorial guidelines for Environmental Reports, Industrial States (PDF-192 KB)
bulletSectorial guidelines for Environmental Reports, Major Roads Guidelines (PDF-202 KB)
bulletSectorial guidelines for Environmental Reports, Sewage Schemes (PDF-208 KB)
bulletSectorial guidelines for Environmental Reports, Oil & Gas Exploration and Production (PDF-173 KB)
bullet Guidelines for Environmental Reports Wind Power Projects (Draft)  (PDF-200KB)
bulletGuidelines for using Tire Derived Fuel (TDF) in Pakistan Cement Industry (PDF-102 KB)
bulletGuidelines for using Refuse Derived Fuel (RDF) in Pakistan Cement Industry (PDF-103 KB)

Self Monitoring & Reporting (SMART) Procedure

bulletBrief on Self Monitoring & Reporting Procedure (PDF-62 KB)
bulletSelf Monitoring & Reporting (SMART) Registration Form (PDF-95 KB)

Note: Please Download the form which can be filled on screen as well as manually, print  and then send the filled SMART Registration form to the contacts provided on bottom of the form.


Environmental Guidelines and Checklists by KPK-EPA

bulletBrick Kiln Units (PDF-96KB)
bulletConstruction or Expansion of Bus Terminal (PDF-59KB)
bulletCarpet Manufacturing Units (PDF-59KB)
bulletCanal Cleaning (PDF-58KB)
bulletFlour Mill (PDF-60KB)
bulletForest Harvesting Operations (PDF-101KB)
bulletForest Road Constructions (PDF-91KB)
bulletHousing Schemes (PDF-66KB)
bulletMarble Units (PDF-59KB)
bulletPetrol and CNG Stations (PDF-59KB)
bulletPoultry Farms (PDF-54KB)
bulletRural Schools and Basic Health Units (PDF-55KB)
bulletSanitation Schemes (PDF-79KB)
bulletSound Plantation (PDF-51KB)
bulletStone Crushing Units (PDF-127KB)
bulletTourist Facilities in Ecologically
Sensitive Areas (PDF-90KB)
bulletTube-well Construction for Agriculture and Irrigation Purposes (PDF-57KB)
bulletUrban Areas Road Construction (PDF-48KB)
bulletWatercourses Construction and Lining (PDF-29KB)
bulletWater Reservoirs in Arid Zones (PDF-63KB)
bulletWater Supply Schemes (PDF-49KB)
bulletSolid Waste Management (Draft) (PDF-1.7MB)

Environmental Guidelines and Checklists by Balochistan-EPA

bulletDairy Farms and Slaughter Houses (PDF-100KB)

Draft Sectoral Guidelines and Upstream Petroleum Sector-Onshore

bullet Download Volume-1 (PDF-1.68MB)
bullet Download Volume-2 (PDF-833KB)

Financial Assistant to NGO's

bullet Guidelines for Financial Assistance (PDF-151KB)
bullet Project Proposal Form (MSWord-158KB)

National Directories

bulletNational Directory of Environmental Consulting Firms.(PDF-260KB)
bulletNational Directory of Institutions Offering Specialized Programs on Environment in Pakistan (PDF-221 KB)

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All efforts have been made to make the information as accurate as possible, Pakistan Environmental Protection Agency will not be responsible for any loss to any person caused by inaccuracy in the information available on this Website. Any discrepancy found may be brought to the notice of Pak-EPA.

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